Building Costs Per Square Foot in the City of Kansas (MO), USA

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the City of Kansas City (MO), USA

Newly Built House in Kansas City 1330 E 22nd Terrace MO64108 – 4 Bedrooms and 4 Baths on Gross Floor Area 2,604 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $725,000

Newly Built House in Kansas City 1330 E 22nd Terrace MO64108 – 4 Bedrooms and 4 Baths with 2 Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 2,604 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $725,000

Building costs are 6% above the national average in the City of Kansas in Missouri. When talking about cities in the midwest, all eyes go to Chicago, but the truth is that it is a region full of jewels that are worth mentioning. Not everything in life is big cities like authentic concrete jungles, but one type of city that has started to become more popular is cities that combine nature, good buildings, and a small-town spirit.

One of the midwest cities that meets these characteristics is Kansas City, Missouri. This city is one of the cheapest in the region, but it has a thriving real estate market that has been growing at a more than a stable rate in recent years.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the city so that you know if it is the right one for you to invest in the real estate market or buy your new home.

Kansas City (MO) Construction Outlook

Kansas City’s construction outlook is exactly what you’d expect from a Midwest city. It is clear that it is a city that wants to imitate a certain aesthetic or design of Chicago (a central city of the Midwest due to its importance), although this does not make Kansas City abandon its small-town spirit.

The truth is that in the financial center of the city you can find buildings identical to those you would see in Chicago, with a style of the 90s and 80s, but as you move away from the center the construction outlook begins to change.

On the outskirts, the city is full of houses for families, mostly the middle class, since there are not many neighborhoods with luxury houses or mansions. In addition, some townhouses and condominiums are rented by people who cannot afford a home or who only plan to live in Kansas City for a couple of years.

Kansas City (MO) Housing Market Analysis and Forecast

The Kansas City real estate market is growing at a steady rate. In the last year, its values ​​grew by 10%, and there were 5% more sales when compared to the same number of months in 2021. These numbers make the experts quite optimistic, especially considering what comes in 2023 with the new projects.

Properties take an average of 21 days to sell, which is three days less than the average during 2021 (back then it was an average of 24 days). Also, it’s a better average than the state average, since Missouri has an average of 35 days.

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