Building Costs Per Square Foot in the State of Mississippi, USA

Mississipi 118 Camden RDG Madison MS39110 - 5 Bed and 4 Baths with 2 Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 2,991 sqft - Built in 2022 - Price $587,500

Newly Built House in Mississipi 118 Camden RDG Madison MS39110 – 5 Bed and 4 Baths with 2 Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 2,991 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $587,500

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the State of Mississippi, USA

Building costs are 6% below the national average in the state of Mississippi, equivalent to the state of South Dakota, and closer to the states of Arkansas, Florida, Maine, Oklahoma, Vermont and West Virginia by a deviation of 1%. Mississippi is known as the “Magnolia State” for its abundance of magnolia trees and flowers, both official symbols of this state. Its capital is Jackson, and its main cities are Biloxi, Greenville, Hattiesburg, and Gulfport, which are urban centers although don’t expect to see the typical concrete jungles like in NY or Chicago.

Mississippi is the perfect place for people who are looking for a quieter life surrounded by nature. With dense forests, lush swamps, and sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, there is something for everyone.

It is also one of the states in this country where the real estate market was not as negatively affected as it was elsewhere. Of all, it has some peculiarities to which it is necessary to be attentive. For this reason, we bring this article with more information about this, in addition to data on residential construction in this state, and outlook for Mississippi, and much more.

Mississippi Construction Outlook

In order to understand the construction of a region, it is always a good idea to know something about the climate in that area since in most cases the construction materials and the types of houses depend on it. In Mississippi, the climate is characterized by its semi-tropical conditions and abundant rainfall. It is a hot and humid climate, with heat waves in the summer that reach high temperatures, and rains throughout the year.

This means that houses are built with rain and humidity in mind, so even when the facade of a house is made of wood, there is also an attempt to have some type of insulation or anti-humidity protection. Otherwise, mold can quickly form and put people’s health at risk.

For this reason, they are usually housed with windows to ventilate and take advantage of all the fresh air that can enter, and thus counteract the humid air. In turn, the roofs are usually steep or have some type of drainage to prevent water from accumulating, damaging the roofs or walls.

In Mississippi they are usually towns with residential neighborhoods made up mostly of middle or lower class houses, in fact, it is one of the poorest states in the country (it has the highest percentage of poverty in the US, with 21.3% of the population living in is in that situation), so they are not usually luxurious constructions. There are also not many buildings since even the cities are not very big or do not have a large number of inhabitants.

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