Building Costs Per Square Foot in the State of Utah, USA

Utah 203 E Valley VW Coalville UT84017 - 2 Bed and 2 Baths with Two Storeys on Gross Floor Area 1,055 sqft - Built in 2022 - Price $575,000 (5)

Newly Built House in Utah 203 E Valley VW Coalville UT84017 – 2 Bed and 2 Baths with Two Storeys on Gross Floor Area 1,055 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $575,000 (5)

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the State of Utah, USA

Building costs are 3% below the national average in the state of Utah, and equivalent to the states of Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Montana and Oregon. Utah is a state that shines due to its landscape,that goes from canyons, mountains, and praires. In the state of Utah you can find over 10 stunning national parks, the most famous ones being sandstone cliffs of Zion, six prehistoric villages of Hovenweep, among other natural wonders. The biggest cities in Utah are Salt Lake City, Provo, and Moab, however, smaller towns like River Heights, Kaysville, and Providence are the perfect place to live with a family, or if you are looking for a more quiet lifestyle.

This means that Utah has become in recent years a receiving pole for families who want to start their lives in this state of the western region, and also for investors who see it as a unique possibility of obtaining quick profits thanks to the arrival of people looking for housing.

If you are interested in learning more about the real estate market in Utah, especially the residential construction market, then keep scrolling down this article. Here we will talk more about that, showing the prices of houses, as well as the trends in the market and what is expected to happen this year.

Utah Construction Outlook

In the state of Utah, the cities with the most inhabitants are Salt Lake City, West Valley City, and Provo, exceeding 100,000 inhabitants in each case. However, do not expect to see large buildings or exotic constructions. Even its capital Salt Lake City is not characterized as a concrete jungle, quite the opposite. Only on the main streets in the city center can there be buildings with more than 20 floors, but then they are all residential houses for families.

All towns have the same composition of median houses, in very few cases there are some exclusive neighborhoods with luxury houses, but this is not common in the state of Utah. The houses are made of concrete and in many cases, they have exposed bricks, the same thing happens with the buildings.

All the houses are prepared to face the winter since it is very harsh in Utah and you have to be prepared for snowstorms. Winter is so cold that there have actually been Winter Olympics in Utah, to give you an idea of ​​how low temperatures can get.

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