Building Costs Per Square Foot in the State of Maine, USA

Maine 441 Ridge Road York ME03909 - 3 Bed and 4 Baths with 2 Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 2,600 sqft - Built in 2022 - Price $1,150,000 (2)_result

Newly Built Home in Maine 441 Ridge Road York ME03909 – 3 Bed and 4 Baths with 2 Attached Garages on Gross Floor Area 2,600 sqft – Built in 2022 – Price $1,150,000 (2)_result

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the State of Maine, USA

Building costs are 5% below the national average in the state of Maine, and equivalent to the states of Florida, Oklahoma, Vermont and West Virginia. Seafood, fruit pies, and anything else that has to do with eating a good lobster are just a few of the delicacies you can find in Maine. Pine Tree State has a stunning natural landscape that ranges from sandy beaches to sparkling lakes and rugged mountains, attracting tourists year after year.

But it’s not all for the tourists, residents and visitors alike can enjoy Maine’s quaint, rural towns full of peace and quiet or enjoy good city life in Portland for great dining, shopping, and a relaxed lifestyle. a little more moved. If you are thinking of buying or selling in Maine, it is important that you are aware of what is happening in the real estate market, along with some predictions and statistics of what may happen in the coming times.

In this article, we will focus on everything that has to do with the construction of residential homes, the real estate market, and certain trends of what is expected to happen in the market during the coming months.

Maine Construction Outlook

Maine is located in the north of the United States, in the region known as “New England” and in fact, it is one of the states that preserves today a greater number of buildings that simulate those of the 1800s in England. If you go to Augusta, which is its capital, you will see that most of the constructions are houses and small buildings with exposed bricks, and pointed roofs. Without a doubt, you will feel like you are walking the streets of Manchester.

Other of its most important cities are Portland, Lewiston, Bangor, Auburn, and South Portland. There you can also see a certain aesthetic heritage from England, but mixed with styles from the North of the United States. Some houses have wood plank facades, while others have exposed brick.

The houses that are in the coastal region are usually a little higher than the ground, in order to avoid risking any flooding. Nowadays they are not so common, but they used to happen a couple of decades ago, especially with summer or spring storms.

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