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Benavidez Greens, Tigre - Gran Bs. As. Norte, Buenos Aires (6)

Benavidez Greens, Tigre – Gran Bs. As. Norte, Buenos Aires (6) – Single storey family home with 3 bedroom ensuites, kitchen, dining, double-height living room, laundry room, master bedroom ensuite with dressing room, full bathroom,
service unit with bathroom, central heating, large gallery with barbeque, green landscaping, beautiful garden, swimming pool and covered garage. Total Gross Floor Area of 2,045.14  square foot  – Price $274,061

Cost of building a house in Argentina.

Building your own home is a challenge anywhere in the world, but in countries with unstable economies, it can be even more difficult. However, this does not mean that it is impossible, and in fact there are hundreds of types of houses that can be built and places where you can obtain land.

One of these developing countries with an unstable economy is Argentina. Although common sense makes you think that this makes it impossible to have your own house here, the opposite actually happens, especially if you have a salary in dollars. For foreigners, even building a luxurious house in the most VIP sector of Argentina is possible at a low cost. If you are interested in building a house in this country, continue reading this article because here we will tell you what types of houses you can build, how much they cost, and we will give you an insight into the world of real estate in Argentina.


Types of dwellings found in Argentina and their building costs

 In Argentina, there are different types of constructions in terms of the size of the homes, but the materials used are usually the same in almost all cases. Homes made with wood or the now popular container homes are not common in Argentina, where the houses are mostly made with cement and bricks. Of course, this can vary if it’s a low or middle-class home or a luxury home, but we’ll get to that later.

The types of constructions that are common in Argentina are duplex type constructions, that is, they are homes that have a narrow shape since they share the land with other homes attached to the side. These duplexes can have up to 3 rooms and usually have 2 floors. Its price can be up to 72,358 Argentine pesos per square meter (650 US dollars).

A house that is only on the ground floor is also very common, especially if you have all the land for your house and you should not share it with another. In that case, the houses can have up to 4 rooms, although this number will increase if it is upper class. The price per square meter in this case is 74,500 Argentine pesos (660 US dollars).

 Cost of building a low-class, middle class and luxury house.

The houses of the Argentine lower class are very precarious, built on land far from the country’s capital, and usually have less than two rooms. They are generally made on land shared with other homes and can cost up to $20,000 to build, although the value may be less if it is a prefabricated home.

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