Composite Rate Build Up for Internal Plumbing (Sanitary Fittings) – Approximate Quantities in Elemental Estimate Layout

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Composite Rate Build up – Sanitary Fittings

Wash Hand Basin:

The Elemental Estimate layout and grouping of items will be used in this example. When building up composite rates for Approximate Quantities, you have to follow some basic principles. We are going to illustrate a composite rate build-up for a Wash Hand Basin:

  • ‘Vaal Sanitaryware’ vitreous china drop-in vanity basins:
  • 520 x 440mm ‘Azalea’ white vitreous china semi drop-in vanity basin (product code 7021) with one taphole including integrated overflow and chainstay hole, waste union, plug, chain, flexible connection tubes, fitted into recess in vanity top (elsewhere measured) on and including two fixing brackets (product code 8103) plugged and screwed to wall.
  • ‘Cobra Watertech Tudor Collection’ tap and mixer fittings:
  • 15mm Code TD-294CP chrome plated single taphole basin mixer with fixed spout, plug and chain and flexible connection tubes.
  • ‘Cobra Watertech’ or similar approved traps etc:
  • 40mm Rough brass medium seal sink ‘P’ trap, with FI outlet and cleaning eye (code VA2.360).
  • Cobra Watertech’ Star crutch handle, elbow action and lockshield bibtaps:
  • 15mm Star Chrome plated foot operated hose bibtap with 20mm BSP thread on outlet (code 507-21).
  • Valves, etc. including joints to steel pipes and/or fittings unless otherwise described:
  • 15mm Copper service pipe 350mm girth (flexible service connection)
  • 15mm Chromium plated full way ballcock shut-off control valve with screw type control

Step 1

First, you have to determine the Group unit of measurement. When you are measuring Wash Hand Basins in Elemental or Approximate Quantities estimating, the group unit of measurement is the number (No).

Step 2

The second step is listing all associated Bill items that can be mapped to Wash Hand Basins by number. These are:

  • 520x440mm Vitreous china drop-in vanity basin and accessories  – (No.) Rate – R950.00
  • 15mm basin mixer and accessories – (No.) Rate – R350.00
  • 40mm Brass sink P trap – (No.) Rate – R60.00
  • 15mm Star chrome plated bibtap and accessories – (No.) Rate – R300.00
  • 15mm Copper service pipe 350mm girth – (No.) Rate – R20.00
  • 15mm Chromium plated full way ballcock shut-off control valve with screw type control – (No.) Rate – R40.00

Step 3

Rate Build Up for items which are linked to the Wash Basin by number. Since your Group unit is the number (No.), you should convert the Bill item rates to Cost per Wash Hand Basin.

Rate Build Up


Rate – Cost Per Wash Hand Basin (No.)  Rands
1No . Vitreous China Vanity Basin    
1No = R950 950
1No. Basin Mixer
1No = R350 350
1No. Sink P Trap
1No = R60 60
1No. Bibtap
1No = R300 300
1No Copper Service Pipe
1No = R20 20
1No Shut-off Control Valve
1No = R40 40
Composite Rate – SANITARY FITTINGS 1720  

The composite rate for items which can be mapped to the Wash Basin by number is R1720 per wash basin.


Elemental Layout and Grouping

Items which go into the element INTERNAL PLUMBING and component Sanitary Fittings are stated in the description below:



Unit Quantity Unit Rate Cost/m2 Subtotal Cost
Sanitary Fittings:
1. 520x440mm Vitreous china drop-in vanity basin including 15mm basin mixer, 40mm Brass sink P trap, 15mm Star chrome plated bibtap, 15mm Copper service pipe 350mm girth, 15mm Chromium plated full way ballcock shut-off control valve and all accessories – chains, waste union, plug, brackets etc. No. 1720
Subtotal Sanitary Fittings


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