Free Nevada Mobile Home Bill of Sale Template and Printable Form – USA

Free Nevada Mobile Home Bill of Sale Template and Printable Form

State:  Nevada

State Code:  NV

Country:  USA

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  • Documents Required for Selling Your Mobile Home
  • Types of Mobile Homes in the USA
  • State Specific Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form and Template for Download
  • Signing a Mobile Home Title
  • Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Mobile Home

If you live in the state of Nevada, you will be required to draft a bill of sale before selling your mobile home. Once the original owner’s title is signed, you should prepare other documents that are legally required to execute the sale, this includes the Nevada mobile home bill of sale, IRS tax statements, certificate of occupancy from local building authority and fire safety inspection certificate. Other documents may be requested depending on the type of your mobile home and its location.

What is a mobile home bill of sale?

A bill of sale is a legally binding agreement or contract that is used to aid the transfer of an asset or a valuable property from one party to another. The asset in question can be a car, permanent premises, land, a house, etc. In the same sense; we can define a mobile home bill of sale as a document that is used as a legal tool of proof for buying a mobile home. The document is signed after a purchase of a home goes through and in the presence of a notary witness, after which the notary representative is expected to present an acknowledgment. Before the sale, the buyer can pay a deposit for the home, which then inspection is followed. The sale will then move forward if all parties reached a fair and acceptable result.

This article will shed more light on pertinent areas of concern including and not limited to; the documents a seller would need to ensure complete transfer of property, the paperwork involved, the sale and purchase requirements on both parties, and where one can go to transfer a mobile home bill of sale.

What is a mobile home in the USA?

In the United States, there are seven types of mobile homes which can be depicted by pictures for easier visualization:

A manufactured home is a pre-built home that doesn’t require construction on site. It only needs to be delivered to the site, laid and anchored on the ground.

A modular home consists of box units (pre-built rooms) which are delivered on site and attached to each other.

A site assembled panel home is built from prefabricated panels which are assembled on site.

A floating home is a mobile home which is buoyed by a large body of water (on the lake, ocean or sea) and anchored on the spot.

A motorhome is a self-propelled mobile home also called a motorized home. This includes truck campers, campervans and coach motorvans. Motorvans come in different classes – class A, B and C.

A truck camper is a detachable living unit which is mounted on the chassis of a pick-up truck and fixed with bolts. It doesn’t use the towing mechanism which is used for trailers.

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