Composite Rate Build Up for Ground Floor Construction – Approximate Quantities in Elemental Estimate Layout

Composite Rate - Ground Floor Construction

Composite Rate Build up – Floor Construction

In this example, the Elemental Estimate layout and grouping of items will be used. There are principles that you have to follow when building up composite rates for Approximate Quantities. We are going to illustrate a composite rate build-up for Ground Floor Construction:

Topsoil excavation average depth 150mm, 100mm surface concrete bed (30MPa) on DPM, on 25mm thick sand blinding under floors, over 150mm hardcore filling on compacted ground including ant proofing and mesh wire reinforcement.

Step 1

First, you have to determine the Group unit of measurement. When you are measuring Ground Floor Construction in Elemental or Approximate Quantities estimating, the group unit of measurement is the square metre (m2).

Step 2

The second step is listing all associated Bill items that can be mapped to Floor Construction by area. These are:

  • Topsoil excavation – (m2) Rate – 5.00
  • Surface concrete bed – (m3) Rate – 1200
  • Mesh wire reinforcement – (m2) Rate – 125.00
  • DPM – (m2) Rate – 7.00
  • Sand blinding under floors – (m2) Rate – 35.00
  • Hardcore filling – (m3) Rate – 40
  • Ground compaction – (m2) Rate – 5.00
  • Ant proofing – (m2) Rate – 7.00
  • Striking off and floating top surface – (m2) Rate – R10
  • Ceramic floor tiles – (m2) Rate – R250
  • Screeds – (m2) Rate – R30


Step 3

Since your Group unit is the square metre (m2), you should convert the Bill item rates to Cost per Square Metre.

Rate Build Up


Rate – Cost Per Square Metre (m2)  Rands
1m2 of Topsoil excavation  
1m2  = R5.005
1m2 of Surface Concrete Bed
100 x 1000 x 1000
0.10 x 1 x 1 = 0.10m3  
0.10m3 x 1200 = R120120
1m2 of Wire Reinforcement
1m2 = R125125
1m2 of DPM  
1m2 = R7.007
1m2 of Sand Blinding
1m2 = R3535
1m2 of Hardcore Filling  
150 x 1000 x 1000
0.15 x 1 x 1 = 0.15m3
0.15m3 x R40 = R6.006
1m2 of Ground Compaction
1m2 = R5.005
1m2 of Ant Proofing
1m2 = R7.007
1m2 Striking off and floating
1m2 = R1010320
1m2 Ceramic floor tiles
1m2 = R250250
1m2 Screeds
1m2 = R3030280

The composite rate for GROUND FLOOR CONSTRUCTION is R600 per square metre.

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