Building Cost Calculator & Hourly Labor Rates – California, USA

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Building Cost Calculator – California

Hourly Labor Rates For Building Construction in the State of California, USA

California is the state of opportunity. People from all over the world travel to that area to make it big, whether it’s in the world of entertainment, or in other areas such as investments or IT work.

Something that many people do not realize is that this makes all work streams benefit. You don’t have to be a Hollywood actor or a Google employee to make good money in the city. All these companies and businesses help the others rise in value as well.

The latter includes workers in the Building Construction market. Continue reading this article to find out what the hourly rates are for workers in this field in the state of California.

So that you have some numbers that allow you to compare these, here we will give you some data on hourly wages in California. On the one hand, the minimum wage per hour is $15, although in some cases it is $14 due to discounts and government taxes.

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Also keep in mind that there are people who illegally hire or inform people, so those precariously hired people usually earn $10 or less per hour. A doctor earns $182 per hour, a lawyer earns $86 per hour, a teacher earns $20 and now that you have this overview we will tell you all about the Building Construction employees.

Construction Workers

Construction Workers in the state of California have the highest salary when compared to the same type of workers in other states of the country. Here they earn an average of $16 per hour, which comes to an annual average of $33,700 per year.

Heavy Equipment Operators

Heavy equipment operators make an average of $26 per hour in the state of California, although this can vary by area. In the areas near Hollywood, the average rises to $40.


The hourly wage for framers in the state of California is $25, which is higher than what they would be paid to do this same job in other states.

Drywall Installers

Drywall Installers make an average of $25 per hour in California. This number is a bit higher for those who are a member of the state Drywallers union, as it comes to $27. However, keep in mind that they must pay a monthly fee to be members of the union.


The hourly wage for carpenters is higher than those listed above. On average it reaches $28, although in Los Angeles County this average rises to $35.

Flooring Installers

Floor installers make up to $22 per hour working in the state of California. That’s a pretty high number compared to the same job in other Midwest states. While in states of the New England region they have a higher average.


Roofers make an average of $35 per hour in the state of California. Those with more experience (or better job contacts) can make up to $70 an hour, but they are in the minority or are the line managers.


Glaziers working in California make an average of $25 per hour. Actually, this is one of the cases where the average is similar in almost all the states of the country, it is rare to find one where it is different unless it is a very particular case.

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Those bricklayers who work in the state of California make an average of $28 per hour. However, the union is expected to negotiate an increase that will bring this number to $30 before the end of the year.

Steel Erectors

Steel erectors make approximately $21 per labor hour in the state of California. In some areas, it is considered a risky job, so there may be $5 more or some other type of extra compensation.


Plasterers make an average of $24 per hour in the state of California, although in some places in the state it is as high as $35. This average is higher than the national one in this type of work.

House Painters

House painters make as little as $21 per hour of work in the state of California. That’s a higher number than the national average, but it’s still low considering how hard it is.


Plumbers earn an average of $30 per hour worked, although some jobs can earn more or less depending on the complexity of each job.


Electricians have some of the highest median hourly earnings in the state you’ll find on this list. The average easily reaches $35 and can be higher in upper-class areas. It is also superior when there are more complex jobs.

HVAC Technicians

HVAC Technicians average $31 per hour of work in the state of California.

Construction Foreman

A construction foreman can make up to $32 on average per hour in the state of California.

Structural Engineer

A structural engineer makes $40 per hour in the state of California. In some cases, it can reach up to $50, although it depends on the particular training of each engineer.

Geotechnical Engineer

A geotechnical engineer makes an average of $45 for every hour of work in the state of California. That sounds like a big number, but geotechnical engineers charge more money per hour in midwestern states.

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The median hourly earnings for an architect is $60 per hour in the state of California. However, in most cases, it is a higher number, ranging from $100 to $200. These numbers go up if you are an architect who has your own firm, while those just starting out in the world of architecture will charge numbers closer to $50.

Architectural Drafter

An architectural drafter makes an average of $25 per hour in California. This number can go up to $40 if he works in a good group of architects but is usually closer to the first number.

Construction Estimator

Construction estimators make an average of $27 per hour. In any case, those who have a good client base can set higher prices, since they have a greater demand.

House Building Cost Calculator USA

When planning a construction project in California, it’s essential to factor in both material costs and labor rates. Utilizing a reliable building cost calculator can provide a comprehensive estimation, guiding homeowners and contractors alike in budgeting effectively. However, understanding the intricacies of construction expenses in California, particularly concerning the cost per square foot for single-family homes, is crucial. Explore our detailed breakdown of the cost to build a house per square foot in California for insightful information.

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