Building Costs Per Square Foot in the City of Charlotte (NC), USA

Charlotte 2538 Arnold Drive NC28205 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths with 2 Carports on Gross Floor Area 1,943 sqft Price $564,000 (1)

Newly Renovated House in Charlotte 2538 Arnold Drive NC28205 – 3 Bedrooms and 2 Baths with 2 Carports on Gross Floor Area 1,943 sqft – Price $564,000 (1)

Residential Construction Market Analysis in the City of Charlotte (NC), USA

With the arrival of the pandemic, one lesson we learned is that our home is a very important place. For some people, it became their place of work, study, and rest, so almost all their life passes through the home.

A good house is much more than just a place to sleep, and there are some people who only recently began to see it that way with the pandemic. This caused the real estate market to see a boom in the midst of a crisis that seemed to put the whole world on pause.

In the United States, those states with small cities and lots of nature are the ones that saw the largest increase in the number of people who want to live there. Therefore, the values ​​of the real estate market increased and the demand soared.

This trend occurs precisely in Charlotte, the beautiful city of North Carolina. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the real estate market here, the construction outlook, the market projections, and the projects that are coming in the next few years.

Charlotte (NC) Construction Outlook

Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, but it is not its capital. The state capital is Raleigh, however, Charlotte stands out because it has a large number of inhabitants and also its construction outlook is similar to that of large cities (although on a scale, of course).

Charlotte shares its metropolitan area with other cities, thus forming the trio known as Charlotte-Gastonia-Salisbury. The most populous counties, other than downtown, are Mecklenburg, Gaston, Lincoln, and Cleveland. On the other hand, York, Lancaster, and Chester are important counties for Charlotte since they are in the bordering areas of South Carolina.

Downtown Charlotte has a large number of buildings, some reaching easily over 20 stories. These tallest buildings were made in the last 4 decades, so they are among the most modern in the state in general.

Those big buildings are in the center, so the panoramic view of Charlotte is mostly single-family houses, 1 to 2 stories. These houses are usually spacious, and most of them have a garden. It is rare for a home in Charlotte to not have even a small space that is a grassy yard.

Charlotte (NC) Housing Market Analysis and Forecast

North Carolina in general is becoming a state that attracts more and more new people. It is no longer just tourists who want to enjoy the natural beauty of this state, in addition to the aesthetic architecture, now some people choose this place to live.

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