Composite Rate Build Up for Windows – Approximate Quantities in Elemental Estimate Layout


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Composite Rate Build Up – Windows

The Elemental Estimate layout and grouping of items will be used in this example. When building up composite rates for Approximate Quantities, you have to follow some basic principles. We are going to illustrate a composite rate build-up for Windows:

Wispeco window type NC22 size 2000 x 949mm high, including NBP 2 burglar bars to all sections, precast concrete lintels 110x75mm, Everite Nutec  fibre-cement 15 x 114mm wide internal cills and 15 x 175mm wide external cills, 18mm thick pelmets, curtain tracks, cement plaster to reveals, paint on plastered reveals, glazing and paint on window frame/burglar bars.

Step 1

First, you have to determine the Group unit of measurement. When you are measuring Windows in Elemental estimating, the group unit of measurement is the square metre (m2).However, in Approximate Quantities and for rate build-up calculation purposes, it is more convenient to use the number (No.)

Step 2

The second step is listing all associated Bill items that can be mapped to Windows by area. We are linking these items to Window type NC22 size 2000x949mm high. These are:

  • Window frame NC22 including burglar bars  – (No.) Rate – R625
  • Glass – (m2) Rate – R235
  • Painting on window frame/burglar bars (1 coat primer and 2 overcoats)– (m2) Rate – R30

Step 3

The third step is listing all associated Bill items that can be linked to Window type NC22 size 2000x949mm, even though they can’t be mapped to the area:

  • Lintels – (m) Rate – R38.00
  • External cills – (m) Rate – R65.00
  • Internal cills –  (m) Rate – R45.00
  • Pelmets – (m) Rate – R25.00
  • Curtain tracks – (m) Rate – R35.00
  • Cement plaster to reveals (narrow widths) – (m2) R30.00
  • Painting to reveals (narrow widths) – (m2) R30.00

Step 4

Since your Group unit is the number (No.) you should convert the Bill item rates to Cost per Window.

Rate Build Up


Rate – Cost Per Window NC22 (No.)  Rands
1No. Window frame NC22:  
1No = R625625.00
Glass for 1No. Window NC22:
1No = 2000 x 949mm = 2 x 0.949 = 1.898m2
1.898m2 x R235 = R446.03446.03
Paint on 1No. Window NC22:  
Paint on frame and burglar bars both sides:
1.898m2 x R30 = R56.94 x 2 = R113.88113.881184.91
Lintels on Window NC22:
2000 + 2(150) = 2300mm = 2.3m  
2 No. 110x75mm lintels on 220mm one brickwall
2.30 x 2 = 4.6m
4.6 x R38 = R174.80174.80
External Cills on Window NC22:  
Window width – 2000mm
2.00 x R65 = R130130 
Internal Cills on Window NC22: 
Window width – 2000mm 
2.00 x R45 = R9090 
Pelmets on Window NC22: 
Window width – 2000mm 
Length of pelmet = 2000 + 2(150) = 2300 
2.3 x R25 = R57.5057.50 
Curtain Tracks on Window NC22: 
Length of Curtain Track = Pelmet Length – (Pelmet Thickness x 2) 
L= 2300 – 18(2) = 2264mm 
2.264 x R35 = R79.2479.24 
Cement Plaster to Reveals Window NC22: 
Internal side = (2 + 0.949)2 = 5.898m 
5.898 x 0.11 = 0.649m2 
0.649 x R30 = R19.4619.46 
External side = 2+(0.949×2) = 3.898m 
3.898 x 0.11 = 0.429m2 
0.429 x R30 = R12.8612.86 
Paint to Reveals Window NC22: 
Internal side: 
0.649 x R30 = R19.4619.46 
External side: 
0.429 x R30 = R12.8612.86596.18
Composite Rate – WINDOWS1781.091781.09

The composite rate for WINDOWS is R1781.09 per window (type NC22 size 2000 x 949mm).

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