How To Build a Football Field for your Professional Club, Community or Backyard – Natural Grass and Artificial Turf Pitch

How To Make a Football Field for your Professional Club, Community or Backyard – Natural Grass and Artificial Turf Pitch


Design of Football Field

How To Make a Natural Grass Football Field

How To Make an Artificial Turf Football Field

How To Draw a Football Field on CAD Program

How Do You Mark a Football Field?

Painting Football Field Lines, Painting Equipment and Tools

Goalposts – American Football (Gridiron):

Goalposts – British Football (Soccer):

Soccer/Football/Rugby Combination Goal Posts

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If playing football is one of your favourite outdoor sports or weekend activities to keep fit, you might be thinking of making a football field or pitch for your recreational or professional club as well as your residential backyard. Whether you build a full standard size pitch or something smaller is up to you. The size of your football pitch will primarily depend on the size of your backyard. There are homes with small, medium, large and extremely large backyards. According to FIFA regulations, the biggest standard size soccer field is 120m long x 90m wide, and the smallest pitch is 90m long x 45m wide. If you are interested in making an NFL style American Football pitch, the total size within the perimeter lines is 120 yards long x 53.33 yards wide (360 feet long x 160 feet wide). In metric units, that’s a dimension size of 110m long x 49m wide.

As you can see, a football field is very big, much bigger than the backyards of many average homes in the USA by at least 4 times or higher. If there is any homeowner with enough or more than enough space to build a standard size FIFA or NFL football pitch on their backyard, it’s none other than a person having huge real estate (land) in low density affluent locations and countryside. If you live in an average home like the majority of Americans, your backyard will be too small to accommodate a full standard size pitch. In this case, your only option is to scale down the size of the standard pitch to fit in your backyard. In most cases, you won’t need a standard size field on your private property because you ain’t hosting regulated football tournaments or championships. The playground is only for you to play games with friends or family. It will essentially be a space for exercising and having fun. Standard size football playgrounds are only required for regulated games and tournaments such as those hosted by sporting bodies at FIFA/NFL stadiums and venues. Sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities are also required to adhere to standard regulations when designing and building football fields. In this regard, you can’t make a football playground as you wish if it’s gonna be used for hosting regulated tournaments.

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