Cost of Building a Detached Double Garage made of Brickwalls in South Africa & Step-by-Step Construction Method | How To Build It

Double Garage Cost Determinants and Functional Capacity

A detached double garage is a stand-alone garage (unattached to the house or any building) which can accommodate two cars. We are going to look at the cost of building of a 24 x 24 feet garage, which can be converted to 7.315 x 7.315 metres in metric units of measurements used in South Africa. These are the dimensions of the floor plan (gross floor area) measured corner-to-corner from the external side of the external brickwalls. Assuming that all other factors are constant and normal, the main factors affecting the cost of building any residential dwelling are the cost of Labour, Materials and Equipment.

Why Do You Need a 7.315×7.315m Double Garage?

The 3D garage sketch model illustrated in this post was drawn in real-life scaled dimensions. The car models are also scaled models. As you can see in the pictures, two big SUVs, the Lexus LX 2019 and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport 2016 can fit in nicely inside the garage while allowing room for an individual to move around and in between. There is even more room for smaller cars like the 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTI and BMW 318d F30. On all internal wall elevations, there is room enough to open a 813mm wide door in full swing, without touching or scratching the parked cars. You can if you want, paint or glue a door swing area sign on the floor to help you will accurate parking.

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