100 Walkway Ideas from Around the World – Garden Paths and Landscape Ideas for your Yard – Pictures

100 Walkway Ideas for Your House Yard and Garden Paths – Pictures and Designs from Around the World


  • History of Trails and Walkways
  • Function of a Walkway
  • Walkway Design
  • Substructure of a Walkway
  • Types of Walkways
  • Wooden Walkways or Boardwalks
  • Stone Slate and Slab Walkways
  • Walkways Made of Dry or Wet Filling
Lekki Conservation Centre, Nigeria – Epe Expy, Lekki Peninsula ll (6)

Lekki Conservation Centre, Nigeria – Epe Expy, Lekki Peninsula ll (6)

A walkway is a footpath made for pedestrians or people only. In some cases, this accessway can also be used by bicycles but it cannot be used by vehicles, motorcycles or any motorized. However, in cities and towns especially the busy CBD, urban municipal codes will restrict sidewalks to pedestrians only and bicycles will be prohibited from riding on a footpath or pavement. Outside the CBD area and in city outskirts with low traffic, shared paths for pedestrians, cyclists and joggers may be found as well as segregated walkways with cycling lanes. But walkways are not just built for the streets, they are found in landscaping projects for single family homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels and resorts, as well as public parks, gardens and nature reserves. In this article, we will look at walkway ideas and designs from around the world, from rustic African styles to serene Asian Zen garden pathways and neat European contemporary style gardens. However, the difference is that the following path ideas are not the sophisticated ones with intricate design, but they manage to achieve elegance, style and functionality at a low budget.

History of Trails and Walkways

Have you ever wondered, do animals make their own trails in the wild where humans have never set foot? Yes, they do. Going with evolutionary science, there are several  wild animals which have been on earth longer than humans by millions of years. So basically, animal trails are the oldest known paths in the world. Wild animals make trails by repeatedly using the same path and marking the path with droppings, urine, footprints as well as crushing or flattening the vegetation along the way. You have probably seen trails left by burrowing rodents such as voles and rats in the grass.

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