How To Use Procore Software for Takeoff and Estimating Construction Projects

How To Use Procore App for Takeoff and Estimating Building Projects

Procore is touted as a construction program for taking off quantities, estimating and managing bids. It’s an online estimating and project management app that requires you to sign up and log in from anywhere, so you dont need a download or installation on your PC.

Logging into the cloud app presents you with a simple user interface. One can clearly see the main menu with tabs for Estimating, Submitted Bids, Accepted Bids, Projects in Progress, Complete Projects, Delayed Projects, Lost Bids and Archived Projects.

1 - Procore User Interface

1 – Procore User Interface

Then you have a tab for creating New Projects in the top right hand corner. Apparently the Procore dashboard is clear, straighforward and intuitive for anybody who hasn’t used it. Logically, a construction project starts out with Estimating, which is required for preparing a Cost Appraisal and submitting a Bid.

Estimating Module

Create New Project:

So let’s assume a contractor wants to bid for a proposed project advertised by a private client by way of invitation or publication in the media. The contractor will start by creating a New Project inside the app. Start by filling in the project brief and details under Overview:

2 - Create New Project Procore

2 – Create New Project Procore

1 – Click the New Project tab on the top right corner
2 – Fill the Estimate Overview – Project Name, Description, Name of Estimator, Measurement System (Choose between Metric and US)
3 – Fill in the names of Estimators or Team in your Office
4 – Fill the Project Gross Floor Area in Square Meters
5 – Complete the Project Completion Time (Due Date and Time)
6 – Enter the Client Details – Site Address and Name of Client

Upload Project Documents:

The Procore Estimating module has 5 sub-menus – Overview | Documents | Takeoff | Estimating | Bid

1- Under Documents, you are required to upload the client’s project documents such as CAD drawings, project scope, specifications, blank bills of quantities if any, schedules, conditions of contract, preliminaries and preambles to trades.

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