Protected: How To Win a Construction Tender – Part 1 | Introduction

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12 Features of the Best Construction Cost Estimating Software – Quantity Surveying

A serious construction estimator needs a good program to calculate the estimated cost of building a property. A window shopping trip on the internet will reveal a number of cost estimating software, which upon testing, it becomes apparent that the developers didn’t incorporate the input of a professional quantity surveyor, who knows the take-off process …

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What the Quotation by a Replacement Cost Estimator Entails – Demolitions and Re-Building

A replacement cost estimator is needed when you are planning to demolish and rebuild your home or any type of property that you own, for example an office building, industrial facility or apartments. You will also need a replacement consultant when you lose a home through man-made accidents and catastrophic natural phenomena. Facility managers are …

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Office Tools and Furniture for a Construction Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor

A Construction Cost Estimator is a qualified professional who spends time in the office working on papers as well as in the field, taking site measurements at each stage of a construction project. So basically, an estimator needs two types of tools – office tools and site tools. Office tools allow the consulting estimator to …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Construction Cost Estimator / Quantity Surveyor


A construction cost estimator is a professional who prepares cost estimates for your building plans. This professional also provides contract management during the building phase, overseeing the valuation of work done and managing costs until the final account is negotiated and settled at the end of the project. If you are a client who intends …

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5 Skills Required To Be a Competent Construction Cost Estimator (Quantity Surveyor)

If you want to be a good Construction Cost Estimator (US) also called a Quantity Surveyor (UK), then you must get a College Diploma or University Degree at an institution that offers the course. Getting an education at a recognized institute of learning will equip you with knowledge in many aspects of the Quantity Surveying …

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